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Getting Started

If you want to see how our system works (albiet a cut down version) then you can play with our tool on our demonstration page.  When you are satisfied that our system is going to do what you want then you can register to use our service here. Registration is FREE and enables you to experience the full power of our system.

How does your system work?

In simple terms it takes all the names entered and then finds “the best” arrangement of those names inside the given shape.  You decide the names and you can also upload your own shapes so our system allows you to fit any arrangement of text items into any shape! It does this by looking at thousands of combinations of arranging the names to find the one that our algorithm decides looks “the best”.  If there are too few names entered to provide what our system considers to be a “good fit” then the list of names will be duplicated until we have enough names/text to provide a “good fit”.  The good news, this takes our system only a couple of minutes in most cases!

What artwork does your system produce?

You can produce artwork is one of two modes, DRAFT and FINAL.

Producing DRAFT artwork does not incur any charges.  This mode is used to setup your project and should be used when working with a client to agree the final artwork.  Whilst producing draft artwork you can change all the design parameters for your artwork and re-run the fitting algorithm as many times as you like without charge including adding and removing names from the list of supplied names.  At this stage our system will produce low resolution JPG and PNG images, both of which will also contain a feint watermark.

Producing FINAL artwork will cost 1 Credit from your balance.  This mode should be used when the artwork is being finalised and you need to use your artwork for print work.  At this stage a full range of artwork will be output by the system including a scalable vector PDFs.

What types of “shapes” can be uploaded and in what formats?

You can choose to upload “shapes” as either “Outlines” or “Silhouettes”.  We can accept the upload of shapes in either JPG or PDF formats.  The exact size and resolution of these base files will be advised to you during the upload process.