About TextClipper.com

TextClipper.com was borne from the time consuming and frustrating business of setting names inside digits for the sale of Leavers Hoodies.  After spending hours copying, pasting and rearranging text inside a variety of digits, letters and shapes we thought there must be a better way!  Although there are a number of outsourced services these vary greatly in quality, involve a time consuming process of sending designs and names to 3rd parties and then waiting for the results of the work to return.  They also involve relying on human graphic designers to find the best arrangement of names (for what they charge, don’t expect them to spend too long doing it either!).  Enter TextClipper.com!

We use an advanced computer algorithm to set your names inside any shape you choose in the most optimum way based on design parameters set by you.  No more time wasted rearranging names, use TextClipper.com to find the absolute BEST arrangement of names by considering every possible layout.  The best thing is that the system can do almost all pieces of artwork in a few minutes or less!